UDX, In The Beginning…

by | Jan 20, 2017 | News

UDX is imagined as a team oriented gaming studio.  We are hardworking, we are responsible and we push to excel at what we do. At the same time, we are entrepreneurial, desiring to create and innovate.  UDX has the philosophy of teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!  We fully empower our teams to make decisions, to question the norms, and allow creative freedom with few but necessary limitations.  Leaders and managers are facilitators to the important individuals who make the games.

Our motto is “Think Inside Out.”  Don’t just think outside the box!  Think how you can use the inside, the outside, the flaps, the creases and the folds, to create with what you have and to invent what you don’t.  It’s what “Boxy” our logo is all about a plain box reimagined.  It’s the essence of being a child who can play days with a box yet leave the shiny toy behind, why?  Because a child understands that the box can be anything they want, it’s a blank slate, the toy is predefined and fixed in its utility.  We impart that philosophy in our games and are excited to share it with the world!

Daniel, UDX Team

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