Welcome, Stay awhile and listen!

by | Jan 12, 2017 | News

Welcome to the initial blog for UDX Interactive.  As you may have guessed, by the plethora of gamey, geeky, and just plain awesome art work on the site UDX is a small game development studio located in Vaughan, Ontario and this is our beginning, our origin story.   We have started the adventure perhaps later than some would expect, but we start with experience at our backs and lots more in front.   We are excited passionate gamers, it’s all we talk and do all day.    We hope you will join us on this journey into the crazy and chaotic world of game development.    Adventure is always better with a party, then we can split the Ph@+ L00+$!

Despite the l33+ speak we are a fun and crazy bunch of gamers who are looking to grow with our players.  Let us know what you think, reach out in our contact section or any of the social media!

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