Funding In Gaming

by | Jan 23, 2017 | News

UDX has undertaken some interesting funding attempts over the past few months.  The interesting thing about games is there are decent funding opportunities available.  The problem is getting them.  You have to fully level up, epically gear yourself, prepare a strategy, write the out to raid plan, jump through flaming hoops, and pray to whatever entity you believe in and that’s just to submit the applications!   Once you have submitted, you hope that you don’t get Leroy Jenkins’d (is that even a verb?) by the judging panel.  Well here’s hoping!

UPDATE: We got our First application approved! Go team!

UPDATE 2: Second one didn’t go so well.  One more to go and we will plan B this one. Awaiting results on number 3

UPDATE 3: Third Funding application complete and received!  We are good to go!  The fantastic team I had behind me made this funding application a reality.  Exciting times!

Daniel, UDX Team

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