Making Headway – Heading to PAX East and GDC!

by | Feb 17, 2019 | News

Sorry for the delayed time between this post and our last one, we had some issues as a result we’ve moved providers. While that was happening, we’ve been very busy on Wheel of Fate.  WOF is looking like an incredibly fun, beautiful, and unique game.  (I’m not biased I swear! ;))  We want to share our enthusiasm with everyone, so we will be exhibiting at PAX East– Booth 11087.  We are super excited to be there if you are heading to PAX E please come visit us and try the gameplay for the first time!  You’ll meet one of our Races in WOF and take a great pic with our Cosplayer for your media feeds.  We will be at GDC earlier in March to meet with various friends and people in the industry to see if we can’t make all our games even better.  Happy to be back and posting again about this quest to create this gaming company!

~UDX Team~


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