“Aggroing” customers

by | Jun 29, 2017 | News

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months here at UDX Interactive. We have converted customers, we have ongoing projects, we have new customers in the pipe, we have a training program in the works; this company is really starting to get its feet underneath it. For any gamer out there they understand “aggroing” a mob as pissing off a monster and making it attack you. Well the same applies to customers, only it can be both good and bad. Attracting new customers is good, a customer who offsets the balance of your plans can be good and bad, pissing off a customer almost always bad (but there are exceptions). There have been a few lessons that I’ve learned with all the benefits and challenges that have come with this phase of the business: Never give up, be customer-centric, roll with it. What does all that mean? Know what you are striving for and don’t compromise unless it helps get somewhere you want to be (or perhaps gives you a new avenue you like better). However, you need to keep pushing towards your goal. I go back to the beginning and my initial mission goals / statements / etc.. to keep me on the path that I wanted to achieve then, and still do today. Sometimes it’s necessary to make sure you are still on course.

Daniel, UDX Team

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